harlots and jezabels


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When I go about my own business I dont lurk in fear of getting punched in the face or jabbed in the eye with a needle, nor do I have to. And you know, if this were to happen to me, it's granted that a police officer wouldn't grill me as to why I didn't wear a full body of armour when walking down a foot path because, well, it's other peoples' duty to be relatively normal and refrain from punching someone in the face! In society, we have laid down laws which see that those who commit such dastardly deeds are held fully accountable and are rightfully punished. So why does there seem to be a special exception when it comes to sexual assault cases? Why is it that the length of the skirt or the cut of a blouse lifts the blame from the sexual predator to the victim? Why can't a woman have complete ownership of her junk without people immediately assuming that this is her "consent", that she's asking for the attention? I ask this after hearing news about the SlutWalks which have recently taken place in Australia. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty kickass display of solidarity but the fact that we actually have to protest this shit is just so disheartening. What do you folks think?