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Le Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval

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...Ferdinand Cheval began the building in April 1879. He claimed that he had tripped on a stone and was inspired by its shape. He returned to the same spot the next day and started collecting stones. For the next thirty-three years, Cheval picked up stones during his daily mail round and carried them home to build the Palais idéal. He spent the first twenty years building the outer walls. At first, he carried the stones in his pockets, then switched to a basket. Eventually, he used a wheelbarrow. He often worked at night, by the light of an oil lamp... via
Is it not one of the most magical things you have ever seen?!! Cheval was not an architect nor a mason but a persistent genius. The 'Ideal Palace' is an iconclasm of East and West, drawing upon motifs from Christianity and Hinduism. Cheval's poetry is also chipped into the walls: "In creating this rock, I wanted to prove what the will can do". Oh gosh.




The last school photos I will have taken in the history of highschool are probably being finalised into the year book to immortalise adolescence as we speak. It's something you never really think about it, but could it be at all possible that I'll miss doing up my shirt's top button and choking on my tie, or being totally degraded to the front row because of my diminuative stature, or being told to say bat-shit crazy things like "cheese" and "money" by camera clad heathens? Probably not. I do however, relish the day I can finally tell those "back in my day" stories with expert self-deprication to my twenty-eight or so grandchildren. So yeah, au revoir school photo day. See you never:)

p.s. I just realised that I've had this blog for over a year... hence the obnoxiousness.

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un peintre Chinois égaré dans les ruines d'Athènes

Tu Marcellus Eris (1820)

The Dream of Ossian (1813)

Oedipus and the Sphinx (1808)

Baigneuse de Valpicon (1808)

Madame Moitessier (1856)

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..."a Chinese painter astray in the ruins of Athens"
--Theophile Silvestre on the work of neoclassicist, Jean-Augustine-Dominique Ingres.

There's a paradox in Ingres' work. He perfectly combines the West and East; the uncanny precision of an orientalist with a subdued sensuality and mystery that I quite frankly, find as creepy as I do beautiful- like Macauly Culkin. Right now I'm doing an art 'visual study' component on shadows and light, with my focus being a comparision between the explicity dramatic Carravagio and the cold, dettached Ingres which Ima getting way too excited about. Oh hey, another reason for my wanting to happy-vomit is that it's school holidays! ANYWAY, that's my two cents. How are you my pretties?

house cleaning

Formal was on Saturday night and everyone was so beautiful it made me want to set something on fire, because only true beauty brings out my arsonist tendencies. Oh and because I know you know what happens on formal/prom night, I made you a collection of sexy songs. And if it's any incentive to listen to this mix: ima legga blonde wif big boobz; i luv mudwrestlin and monstrrr trucks and similar shit of the like.

#Everlasting Light- The Black Keys
#Superstar (Carpenters Cover)- Sonic Youth
#I'm One of Those Girls- Born Ruffians
#Foxy Lady- Jimi Hendrix
#Phenomenon- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
#All of You're Love (hip-hop remix)- Hellogoodbye
#Ice Cream- New Young Pony Club
#Average Fruit- Quadron
#Do It Again- The Bird and the Bee
#Ignition Remix- R-Kelly
#Love Affair- Regina Spektor
#Pots and Pans (Acoustic)- The Kills

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