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The thought of the iPad, or of anything really, replacing books is some sort of joke right? Some sick, scary joke. I feel like that pink tweed wearing, pompous woman from Harry Potter on the rare occassions I've said this but "progress shouldn't be made for the sake of progress". Instead of developing more shiny, expensive procrasination devices, maybe you incredibly smart people could spend more time trying to finding a cure for AIDS or something. Just a thought....
Also, I like this song:

Hello there good looking, talented people who decided to press follow;) And hello my loves. How are you all? Well, I hope.


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I have too much to say that I might. just. EXPLODE! Queensland is very lovely, even when it's June and rainy it's still lovely; the Sunshine Coast's main exports are beaches, board shorts and u-turn lights (WTF right???!). It's been about 5 hours since "the gang" departed from Queensland. Mother has put on a load of laundry and all the glorious stains of ice creams, dirt and chlorine are swirling away (symbolism, right here). In a couple of dot points, this week has completely solidified three things:

1. I'd rather stick push pins in my eyes than go shopping with my parents.
2. Boys with flicky hair are nice but eating magnum golds are better.
3. This song was whole-heartedly created for this trip.

...ummm, I'll be back, probably with something large and unnecessary and hopefully with less scatty strings of jibberish. Just let the crackling in my ears fade and my eyes get used to the seductively low level of sunlight.

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