pretty thangs


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A series of pictures and a collection of songs that my life should try to emulate because they're pretty and everything IRL is a little bit ugly right now. Sorry, reality.

Lady Daydream- Twin Sister
Dream a Little Dream of Me- The Mamas & the Papas
French Singer- Liz Green
Sentimental Heart- She & Him
Soon We'll Be Found- Sia
The Sweetest Thing- Camera Obscura
Magic Touch (Acoustic)- Golden Silvers
Grizelda- Yeaysayer
Summertime- Billie Holiday
Ghost Train- Summer Camp
Hell No- Sondre Lerche feat. Regina Spektor
Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison
Piazza New York Catcher- Belle & Sebastian
Like a Prayer- Glass Cake (Cover)

To anyone that still reads Happy Un-birthdays, I'm am really sorry for being a horrendous blogger it's just school and weekends and school and blahblahblah. Speaking of school, tomorrow I have an exam for mathematics and psychology and hopefully I don't die or anything. Anywho. HOW HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN? Healthy and beautiful as always, I presume?