The bilingual boy that can roll his R's is always immediately cuter, smarter and runs faster than his twin that cannot. And it is for this reason that my brain ocassionally face palms itself for quitting Italian. Why taking language classes used to be the bain of my existence, I forget, but being fluent in French and asking my French lover for an aubergine based dish would be really nice. Since this will not be achievable for a couple of lifetimes, I'll just continue seducing people with my well rehearsed accents and weeding out the weak from potential friendlings by singing this song on public transport in all its semi-foreign glory!

...also, because it deserves a hooray or something, I'm quite seriously on the brink of entering my final year of schooling; I've completed all my exams (maths x2, english studies and psychology) and induction lessons for year 12 begin next week. Oh, and the new Harry Potter is out. So, if I may say, in the only succinct way my emotions could possibly be articulated, ZOMG!