HOWDY-DOODY DEARS, how are you? Summer holidays are in full swing and they've been pretty great. Anyway, the wonderful Ella of reve de la mode has given me an "i love your blog" prize... awww shucks:)

Why did you create the blog?
I just heard this is how kids do it nowadays hardy-harr. No, actually, I think it was a mixture of reasons involving boredom, ego, love of writing and an unhealthy obsession with documentation.

What kinds of blogs do you follow?
...the best blogs, not that I'm an authority on it or anything. More specifically, blogs that have a genuine voice which leave the reader feeling a bit more awesome and/or wiser for having visited. Bloggers who can laugh at themselves and other people (in honest good taste!) are also instantly stalked.

Favourite makeup brand?
I don't really wear makeup on a day-to-day basis because I am a lazy and unemployed student but of the brands I've experimented with, LancĂ´me stands out.

Favourite clothing brand?
Romance Was Born, Comme de Garcons, Galliano, Rodarte, McQueen, Band of Outsiders and Marc Jacobs are amongst the list of labels that I would kill an earthworm for.

Your indispensable makeup product?
Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is amazing; it cures chapped lips, insect bites, burns, cuts and thrush. Sunscreen is also amazing- never ever go without it folks.

Your favourite colour?

Your favourite film?
Hmmm.... that's a tricky question which I cannot give you a wholehearted answer for, sorry. Today, however, my fleeting love is for Dirty Dancing- as corny and sad as that sounds.

What country would you like to visit and why?
I would love to visit India for the colourful culture, and to go on one of those spiritual journeys in which the person comes out completely enlightened and able to float in mid-air. once I've saved up more pennies, I'm going to India and finding a cow to become my home-girl.

Make the last question and answer to yourself: favourite monster?
Three way tie between the kraken, squonk and mermaid.