teen spirit


photorealistic paintings/gpoy by Lee Price

Me and my brother Emmanuel have a house WITH INTERNET, some money, and whole 3 weeks (2 of which are school holidays) without any parental supervision. We were thinking of having a maaad party but decided we were to introverted for that so are instead watching movies from the Disney Renaissance. Who said teen spirit was dead? ...In an effort to have a semblance of a life, I did make a list of things I want to accomplish. Any other suggestions?

# visit the Patricia Piccinini retrospective.
# read: Revolutionary Road, The Messenger and Submarine.
# see The Holidays.
# shoot documentaries and art-house shorts with Nina.
# drive to waterfall gully with Madhouse Rhodes.
# begin collecting junk for my junk sculpture. (help anyone?)
# homework bleurgh (on going).
# Pushing Daisies marathon.
# Avocado day with Katrina and Jesse.
# ...basically be a really introspective gangsta that drinks coffee (on going).
# paint watermelons on my nails.
# cover my walls with inkblots, ransomn notes and psychology posters (on going).
# mexicana dinner party.