aww shucks



I recently got awarded by the loverly Tegan from Tegan On Toast with the Versatile Blogger Award. Part of the award is to share 7 facts about one self then share some love and pass it on. I would like to pass some lovin to:

Ella, Hila, Gabbi, Michelle and Enia because they are A+ human beings.

Oakey-doakey then:

1. I despise birds, particularly chickens; they are beautiful in theory but demonic when they are near me.

2. I've lost both of my canine teeth twice and thus, people call me Sharkinator.

3. Along with being called Sharkinator, people also dub me 'The Nasal Anomaly' cos I've never experienced a nose bleed.

4. The first song I ever learnt to play on guitar was Cardigan Weather by Meg and Dia.

5. I wake up at 5.30am, most days, but still manage to be late for school 90% of the time and it's not something I'm proud of but it's just gotten to the point where I'm in sheer amazement of my incredible ineptitude. Y'know bro?

6. These are my subjects in order of preferance: art, classical studies, psychology, english studies.

7. In my ideal world, five minutes in each person's day will be lived out in sing-song.

...I hope that you guys are feeling beautiful.