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5 fictional females (in no particular order) that were like my jesus and prozaic throughout those beautiful primary schooling years...

Photobuckethush & whisper via flickrPhotobucketViolet Baudelaire: I could always relate to Violet because she was the eldest of her siblings and loved them to death. Her knowing that "there is always something" and ability to fabricate a genius invention from junk meant she was like the female McGuyver, only, you know, better. Also, I'd imagine that were she a real person, she'd have a kickass wardrobe that would put other macabre/victorian dressing posers to shame.

PhotobucketPhotobucketSailor Moon: rockin a classic meatball hairdo and utterly hilarious monologues about morality every single time she was about to kick an underling's butt. She was probably also the reason a lot of young girls had any interest in learning about planets and had the best super-hero-transformation-thing of the super heroes I know.

PhotobucketPhotobucketDaria Morgandorffer: to be honest, it was only when I turned 11 that I truly began to understand the genius satire in this show but, regardless, it is fair to say that my talents in being angsty and sarcastic were built on a solid foundation of Daria. She is kinda my hero more than ever now...

PhotobucketPhotobucketMary Poppins: she was the most hard core woman. Ever. And I attempted all of her stunts; from jumping off a (small) tower with an umbrella in the hopes of flying, to spraying relatives' banisters with preen and sliding down them to make sure they were extra shiny... to little avail. Miss Poppins was also a manners enthusiast, very English and prim and lovely- all things which are important factors in being hardcore too.

PhotobucketPhotobucketHermione Granger: it's been about 7 years since I read the first Harry Potter book and not much has changed/ I still want to be Hermione Granger. Granger is the ultimate girl-scout, "always prepared", and an idol to all nerdy girls who secretly wished they knew magic and Ronald Weasley so they could cast a spell on pigeons to make them crap on people they really didn't like and have a good old laugh with an adorable ginger or, you know, whatever...

image sources: buena, hush & whisper, fanpop, doctor marco, newsarama

p.s. thanks you so much to Gabbi from the gorgeous blog Felinofelice for giving me an award. Geez I'm blushing.