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Vanishing Girl- The Dukes of Stratosphere
Please Venus- Golden Silvers
Slippin- Quadron
I'm So Young- The Students
Butterscotch- Cocorosie
Magic Touch (Acoustic)- Golden Silvers
Summer Love Sensation- Bay City Rollers
Funny Little Frog- Belle and Sebastian
You're on my Mind- Old Man River
Teeth- Glass Cake
I Want To- Best Coast
Chelsea Guitar- Blueboy
The Neighbours- St. Vincent
Hysteric- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Going Out of my Head- Jeremy Warmsely
Laura- Girls

Carmen & Sabine

Carmen and Sabine

I drew these two in Year 9, have I ever introduced you to them? On your left is Carmen and on the right is Sabine. They are twin mimes conjoined at the hands who were found at 3 months old in a picnic basket aside the Île de Ré Bridge. At twelve they escaped their foster home and ran away to join the circus. They do not speak, their bird Beau does so for them. Carmen likes woollen hosiery and balloons. Sabine likes 'The Students' and boiled eggs.

...hope you guys all got through your Monday alright. To the few people that still read Happy Un-Birthdays, thank you. I really do appreciate it, I just hardly say it enough. 


If the 30 minutes I've seen of Gossip Girl, The OC and The Hills have taught me anything (other than the fact that attractive rich kids really do have bigger problems than us) it's that the way you dress is generally a precursor as to how your day will pan out. I mean, don't you guys remember that time that LC wore cargo pants to an interview and got hot coffee spilt on her face? ...yeah me neither but anyway. MORAL IS: if you're dressed as though you're to shovel poo chances are, you probably are and if that's how you like it, carry on; if you looked like a great, big ball of gorgeously dressed self worth, on the other hand, the possibilities are slightly more open ended.

With this in mind, I've come to the conclusion that everyone - President Obama and that guy eating tinfoil in the corner- should dress for how they'd like their day to be because it will make the world a better place and I mean this is all seriousness. Whilst this won't exactly cure AIDS or end wars, it's a simple start to a global strive for happiness. And once everyone looks like they're about to party it won't be too long before someone starts a party and then who wants to be the badly dressed wanker that drops an A-bomb eh?!! ...sorry, I forgot to ask. How was your day today loverlies?

teen scream

I can't help but feel shirked whenever the "pretty girl" with, I don't know, a hyphenated name like Mary-Jane or Deborah-Lee comes along in horror movies. The fact that she is so incredibly perfect just makes her all the more creepy. You just know that she's either the one that will be victim of some demonic possession or that she'll get mutilated in the most brutal way. Y'know? Anywho, Argentinian artist, Carmen Burguess, kinda captures what I'm talking about. Oh, and not only does she rock the visually unhinged she also dabbles in the vocally cosmic (click here). Do you guys have any horror film recommendations? And how was your day? And how is your life right now...

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