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unchartered territories

 Table Coral Reef shot by Paul Nicklen @ Paul Nicklen.comPygmy Seahorse shot by Peter LiuSea Anemone shot by ~tamergunal @ DeviantArtAngler Fish shot by Robison/ Corbis via National GeographicNudibranch shot by Dmitry Miroshnikov

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was amongst the first to mingle with the beautiful, beautiful aliens amongst us and that makes he totally awesome. Monsieur Cousteau also got practically canonised by Wes Anderson and Bill Murray and that makes him doubly devine. And sometimes I wish I was a marine biologist or underwater Mario, particularly during maths nowadays...

by Felix

Have a lovely weekend fine internet folk:)

p.s. I had to repost this because blogger seems to hate me right now, so thanks Ella and Prateeti for your comments^^

p.p.s. this song is really nice.

p.p.p.s. who suddenly has a massive urge to watch Grease?


“It is shocking and profoundly regrettable, but, apparently, sales of oranges are falling steadily because people can no longer be bothered to peel them. As soon as I read this, I began buying oranges more frequently and eating them with greater pleasure. Now I peel an orange very slowly, deliberately, voluptuously, above all defiantly, as a riposte to an age that demands war without casualties, public services without taxes, rights without obligations, celebrity without achievement, sex without relationship, running shoes without running, coursework without work and sweet grapes without seeds."
From The Age of Absurdity : Why Modern Life Makes It Hard To Be Happy by Michael Foley

i want you to want me

Like just then I opened this mysterious black box and to my surprise, the highest indicator of young love, circa nineteen-eighty-something, came pouring out/ I opened this (still) mysterious black box and to my surprise found a bunch of mixtapes my father made my mother during the the time they were all boyfriend-girfriend. This: a) makes me feel like smiling and sighing and vomiting (joy) all at once;  b) here is the playlist for side "A" of "for Jeanne":

Dreaweaver- Gary Wright
Magic- America
Hiram- Zsa Zsa Padilla
Burning Down the House- Talking Heads
Crazy for You- Madonna
Here comes the Sun- Beatles
How Deep is Your Love- The Carpenters (listen here)
Telephone Line- ELO
When I Met You- APO Hiking Society

and c) I've decided to move to the 80s there were relaxed laws on neon. Goodbye and have a lovely weekend:)


Once you get past the initial tedium, masses are really quite beautiful; the stained glass windows, people joining hands in song and just the fact that everybody there is filled with nothing but wishes, love and gratitude should be enough to give you faith in anything. I mean, I'm not the most religious of people and I pity those that comply with every single thing the bible shoves at them BUT I pity those more who don't have any- belief that is. It's saddening too that having faith in God or anything is enough to make you uncool. So with people being so bloody nihilistic and taking everything for face value it's no wonder our society is seeing more suicides than ever. And, I just don't know about people who bluntly say "religion is a load of crap" because they are the same people who don't believe in what they can't touch.. my Saturday has been pretty weird. Also, yellow and glitter is the new everything over here.

gonna call?

I think I will now join the masses in song and talk about my new found hate for Mondays because boy, do they suck hard! What used to be the perfect combination of poetry and paint and giggling til my stomach felt like it was going to explode is now this: bleak walls with teachers that foam at the mouth when trying to drill my brain with logarithms, tabernacles and feeling like a 3rd wheel. Today was particularly bleh but ANYWAY HI! How are you? Here guys and gals, I made a playlist of songs that I think would be positively great in accompanying psychic-zombie-seals' comical world domination crusade:

Perfect Fit- Clues (featured;)
Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lemonade- Cocorosie
Marrow- St. Vincent
Transformer (live acoustic)- Gnarls Barkley
Song for Lovers- The Do
Asilos Magdalena- Mars Volta
When I Grow Up- Fever Ray
Venus in Furs- Velvet Underground
Sun Was High (So Was I)- Best Coast
In Our Talons- Bowerbirds
In My Mind- Radiohead feat. Pixies

You know, I really miss a lot of things... of them is art class. BRB, promise:)

if anything is yours and you want it taken down please drop me a line here:



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