unchartered territories


 Table Coral Reef shot by Paul Nicklen @ Paul Nicklen.comPygmy Seahorse shot by Peter LiuSea Anemone shot by ~tamergunal @ DeviantArtAngler Fish shot by Robison/ Corbis via National GeographicNudibranch shot by Dmitry Miroshnikov

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was amongst the first to mingle with the beautiful, beautiful aliens amongst us and that makes he totally awesome. Monsieur Cousteau also got practically canonised by Wes Anderson and Bill Murray and that makes him doubly devine. And sometimes I wish I was a marine biologist or underwater Mario, particularly during maths nowadays...

by Felix

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p.p.s. this song is really nice.

p.p.p.s. who suddenly has a massive urge to watch Grease?