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hummingbird- born ruffians

a) survive a camping trip.
b) fly a kite.
c) be pro at sewing.
d) watch 15+ new movies.
e) read 5+ new books.
f) learn french with hannah and be hot.
g) finish holiday homework bleh.
h) convince dad to paint the shed blue.
i) paint the shed blue.
j) cut my hair.
k) make a ridiculous art-house film.
l) buy a legit pencil case.
m) raise tadpoles.
n) go to a drive in.
o) eat lotsa frozen yoghurt.
p) learn more songs on the ukulele.
q) finish Banjo Kazooie.
r) draw something/anything everyday.
s) use up 4 rolls of film.
t) hi-five everyone i talk to.
u) learn to juggle.
v) write to Hobbs, Sarah and Carter.
w) be an okay person, ya'know...
x) wear a cape like a BAMF.
y) go to the zoo.
z) get (temp) tatts and eat kids.
z) walk round town with my own b/g music.
z) AND wear sunscreen always.

How have you all been? Oh, and to those in Australia, how weird has the weather been?!!