Hmmm....I really do not know about this whole "cool" thing, I mean people use it in the context of when their mood-rings change colour or to describe those who really wouldn't care if you got drunk and stoned. I don't like this. When I mean cool, I mean jumps out of a burning helicopter after saving a bunch of really cute kittens, opening a giant parachute with Bill Murray's face on it and then landing on a neon orange stage, greeting Annie Clarke with non-chalance, introducing me to her and then you know still having time to write a letter to their mother or make somebody else smile kinda cool. Chyeah.

Sadly, I don't even fit into my own definition of cool because only a loser leaves a trillion assignments to the last minute and seriously considers procrastination workshops. THANK JESUS-MARY-MOSES THAT IT IS FRIIIDAY!

Since I'm failing a bit at life right now I'd frankly quite settle for being rad...

...or being this music video or, you know, living in Darwin Deez's hair.

How have your days been loverlies?