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Top 5s are a thing I do now. Not because I read High Fidelity or anything. Well, maybe a little because I read High Fidelity. ANYWHO, this very first list is entitled 5 Beautiful Gentlemen Who I Cyberstalk and Create Lists About Whenever I Have 30 Minutes, or so, Lying Around.

1.PhotobucketPhotobucket: Ryan Gosling: please refer to Dead Man's Bones, his tumblr, this open letter and the jealous pang you get when seeing other females with him, if you need any other proof he's half holy.

2.PhotobucketPhotobucketMatthew Gray Gubler: is the embodiment of a buttermilk biscuit. With his beautiful face and beautiful soul (that Jesse McCartney can't have!), The Goob could create a utopia where morals, a.k.a. good taste, prevail over all else. Oh wait, I'm sorry, he has already done that (click)!

3.PhotobucketLuke LalondeLuke Lalonde: front man of Born Ruffians and owner of perfect hair. I saw a picture of him blowing bubbles and I assume he spends his nights getting highly philosphical. Because of this, I imagine we'd be the best of friends. That's all.

Elijah Wood: it is mandatory to love Mr Wood once you've read and seen and fallen in love with Everything is Illuminated and LOTR. He's just a legit Renaissance-type guy; fully divulged in film, music, art, management and also an advocate for worthy causes. If you don't believe me, I think you've mistaken him for Christian Slater or something tsk tsk...

5.PhotobucketNicolas Cage: grossly enamoured by him for both very viable and illogical reasons. Um, no further comment. Goodbye and good day:)

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