Once you get past the initial tedium, masses are really quite beautiful; the stained glass windows, people joining hands in song and just the fact that everybody there is filled with nothing but wishes, love and gratitude should be enough to give you faith in anything. I mean, I'm not the most religious of people and I pity those that comply with every single thing the bible shoves at them BUT I pity those more who don't have any- belief that is. It's saddening too that having faith in God or anything is enough to make you uncool. So with people being so bloody nihilistic and taking everything for face value it's no wonder our society is seeing more suicides than ever. And, I just don't know about people who bluntly say "religion is a load of crap" because they are the same people who don't believe in what they can't touch.. my Saturday has been pretty weird. Also, yellow and glitter is the new everything over here.