i want you to want me


Like just then I opened this mysterious black box and to my surprise, the highest indicator of young love, circa nineteen-eighty-something, came pouring out/ I opened this (still) mysterious black box and to my surprise found a bunch of mixtapes my father made my mother during the the time they were all boyfriend-girfriend. This: a) makes me feel like smiling and sighing and vomiting (joy) all at once;  b) here is the playlist for side "A" of "for Jeanne":

Dreaweaver- Gary Wright
Magic- America
Hiram- Zsa Zsa Padilla
Burning Down the House- Talking Heads
Crazy for You- Madonna
Here comes the Sun- Beatles
How Deep is Your Love- The Carpenters (listen here)
Telephone Line- ELO
When I Met You- APO Hiking Society

and c) I've decided to move to the 80s there were relaxed laws on neon. Goodbye and have a lovely weekend:)