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30 Day Song Challenge: A Song that Reminds You of Somewhere

Irreplacable- Beyonce

Reminds me my all-girls middle-school's hallways. The staff, in an effort to streamline us to the left of the hallway like Australian traffic, would replay the lyrics "to the left, to the left" on the loudspeaker whenever it was lesson changeover. This madness lasted for no longer than a semester and really made me want to strangle an oncoming vehicle. Hmm... why does this only seem really funny now?


Have pretty much come to terms with the fact that I will be crying like mad throughout part 2. Man it's the end of an era an era an ERA. Siriusly.


This was the first of a plethora of 50 People, One Question's I have seen and it is perhaps the most beautiful. Benjamin Reece really captures the honesty of the moment when someone actually puts aside their self-effacing bullshit guard and discloses something personal and real to you. It's like glue.

30 Day Song Challenge: A Song that Reminds You Of Someone

Photobucketfig.1 Date With The Distinguished, Year 7. From left to right: Leonardo da-freakin-Vinci (me), Princess Diana (Nina) and Courtney Love (woman with plastic bag).

Lose Yourself- Eminem

Funnily enough, I am instantly reminded of my darling Nina when I hear this song. Throughout the years, Nina and I have become so divulged in something, particularly stereotypes we observe in society/day-time tv, that we basically method act as characters based around these obsessions as a means of exercising identity demons and taking the piss out of everything. One of our biggest obsessions were with rappers and bogans in year nine. At lunch we'd drop some mad beatz at the back of the oval, exchange our th's for ffff's (thongs becomes fffongs), discuss dying our hair with horrendous blonde streaks like bogans do and on weekends we'd wear baggy Dada hoodies with the utmost irony and bliss out to our jam. Seriously, pretending and being brutally un-PC with Nina has produced some of the greatest times of my life.

Fatboy Slim and all...

My pen pal wrote that a private school near her place was having a prom and it got cancelled because there were people taking dumps in the hallway... OMG, to have my formal be this outrageous. Okay, but in all seriousness, I just had to share this- how does anyone get away with pooping in the hallway, let alone a public toilet ewww?!! If anything, I really hope that formal night will turn out being exactly like Laney Boggs' prom- Usher, inexplicable choreographed dancing to Fatboy Slim and all.

bunga bunga

On February 7, 1910 the Prince of Abyssinia and his entourage were received with full ceremonial pomp on the deck of the H.M.S. Dreadnought, the British Navy's most powerful battleship. Although the Commander-in-Chief of the Dreadnought had only received a last-minute warning of the Prince's arrival, he had the sailors standing at attention when the Prince arrived. The Abyssinian party acknowledged the greeting with bows as they shuffled onto the ship, dressed in their long, flowing robes, and for the next forty minutes the Commander gave them a guided tour of the vessel. The Abyssinians paused at each new marvel while murmuring the appreciative phrase "Bunga, Bunga!" in their native tongue. Finally the royal visitors departed as "God Save the King!" played in the background.

The next day the Navy was mortified to learn that the party they had escorted around the warship had not been Abyssinian dignitaries at all. Instead it had been a group of young, upper class pranksters who had blackened their faces, donned elaborate theatrical costumes, and then forged an official telegram in order to gain access to the ship. Their ringleader was a man named Horace de Vere Cole, but the entourage also included a young woman called Virginia Stephen who would later be better known as the writer Virginia Woolf...

Text via Museum of Hoaxes. Image via

Man, this is just too cool. Now I'm not sure whether I'm happy that people have stepped up their game so that shit like this hardly happens or whether I'm really, truly, utterly depressed that everyone's too anal to have a laugh like this anymore.

30 Day Song Challenge: A Song That Makes You Sad

by Julia Galdo. via.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?- Al Green

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