oh hi there


Hello hello hello HOW IS EVERYONE?! It's definitely been a while and whether or not you thought I died or failed to notice cyberspace has been just that little less obnoxious, I missed the blogging community. As I said it has been a while and I feel like I'm starting this completely anew SO let's just shake hands, introduce ourselves as is the social norm ("Hi, I'm Felix Curds. I'm a decent enough person, for a uni student, and probably need a haircut. I really like falafels, let's get one sometime:) and see where this takes us...


  Simpsons remake of Persistence of Memory by Dali via //life imitating art or, rather, a vivid depiction of what the summer sun has done did to my brain. also reminds me of the similarities between pop-culture and cheese-toasties because, like, both are excessively consumed to the point that they become sludgy features in our arterial walls yum.

Wendy Bevan for Marie Claire Italia via// how frida kahlo would dress were she into, or alive, for punk-rock/ what siousxie sioux wore to my mexicana house party.

Romeo + Juliet- Baz Luhrmann via// besides the combination of the montagues' hawaiian shirt uniform and olde english with guns AND the amazazing soundtrack (listen), i really enjoyed the gaudiness of the iconography imbedded throughout the film. the candles, flowers, looming religious figures and crucifixes frickin envelope juliet and are perfect. were i slightly more dramatic, i'd emulate this shrine for my funeral and have celine dion on loop 24/7.

red roses via

Auntie Peggy has Departed by Shane Waltener (2003) via// 'doilies are like dreamcatchers, each knot holding a thought, a memory. the sum of these make up the history of a place ...the piece was dedicated to peggy, and her lifelong enthusiasm for the crochet work and needlecraft.' that's all fer now.