Anthem for a Seventeen Year Old Girl


In exactly 4 days this song can't legitimately be my anthem and that saddens me a bit. Perhaps it's that fact that I'm turning eighteen and can be held accountable for whatever future crimes I decide to commit or maybe it's because high school is coming to an end, but lately I can't stop thinking about my existence as a teenager.  My ~*teenage experience*~ is nothing close to resembling a John Hughes movie or Gossip Girl episode, but it's not to say that there hasn't been moments laden with melodrama and beauty. I look at all the ridiculous phases (amish, rapper, emo) I ever went through; the parties and concerts; the sleepless nights cramming; driving around aimlessly with my friends whilst blasting nicki minaj and the four hour long conversations I've had over complete bullshit e.g. boiz, with a fondness and sense of entitlement. I also look at them with a romantic disillusionment: I was never as entrapped as I moped about in my angst ridden journals and life isn't even all that hard, in fact it was dead easy. If ever there was a period in a person's life where magic can happen it's when your a teen but it's not the big budget type things that make you feel it. I want to say that I've done a lot of growing up but I don't want to say that it's so much that people will expect start paying taxes, pump a baby from my vagina or, I don't know, cease cyberstalking Ryan Gosling. I understand that I can't always be one of the rotten ones and, you know, I'm probably just having a teenage equivalent of a mid-life crisis but I can't help feeling conflicted about this 'growing up' nonsense. What does that even mean? Is it facing the horrible aforementioned scenarios or is it more to do with finding yourself and being less of a loser? Either way, it's a lot to work on, is it not?