un peintre Chinois égaré dans les ruines d'Athènes


Tu Marcellus Eris (1820)

The Dream of Ossian (1813)

Oedipus and the Sphinx (1808)

Baigneuse de Valpicon (1808)

Madame Moitessier (1856)

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..."a Chinese painter astray in the ruins of Athens"
--Theophile Silvestre on the work of neoclassicist, Jean-Augustine-Dominique Ingres.

There's a paradox in Ingres' work. He perfectly combines the West and East; the uncanny precision of an orientalist with a subdued sensuality and mystery that I quite frankly, find as creepy as I do beautiful- like Macauly Culkin. Right now I'm doing an art 'visual study' component on shadows and light, with my focus being a comparision between the explicity dramatic Carravagio and the cold, dettached Ingres which Ima getting way too excited about. Oh hey, another reason for my wanting to happy-vomit is that it's school holidays! ANYWAY, that's my two cents. How are you my pretties?