30 Day Song Challenge: A Song that Reminds You Of Someone


Photobucketfig.1 Date With The Distinguished, Year 7. From left to right: Leonardo da-freakin-Vinci (me), Princess Diana (Nina) and Courtney Love (woman with plastic bag).

Lose Yourself- Eminem

Funnily enough, I am instantly reminded of my darling Nina when I hear this song. Throughout the years, Nina and I have become so divulged in something, particularly stereotypes we observe in society/day-time tv, that we basically method act as characters based around these obsessions as a means of exercising identity demons and taking the piss out of everything. One of our biggest obsessions were with rappers and bogans in year nine. At lunch we'd drop some mad beatz at the back of the oval, exchange our th's for ffff's (thongs becomes fffongs), discuss dying our hair with horrendous blonde streaks like bogans do and on weekends we'd wear baggy Dada hoodies with the utmost irony and bliss out to our jam. Seriously, pretending and being brutally un-PC with Nina has produced some of the greatest times of my life.