"i was like girl, you ugly anyway"


school-schmool. as strong as my intentions are to pass, intend on spending the entire weekend vegetating with my dear old girlfriend magazines and packet of skittles.

speaking of trashy magazines, have you ever noticed how much of a riot their sealed sections are? whilst i totally acknowledge that some people who write in do have real problems, i can't help but feel they are scripted to an entertaining fault. i mean, there are thirteen year olds asking whether they'll get pregnant from having their breasts fondled by some pimply freak and requesting advice on removing bongs that just so happened to get stuck in their vaginas. then, thennn we have these doctors telling them this is completely normal for their age. concerning, no? or maybe i just am too old to know how to have fun anymore.

in any case, if the future world were to be based on the social trends found within this particular magazine feature, in ten years time we'll be seeing people walking around in nothing but nipple-pastees and consuming even shittier-shit like human centipede 9. the only way i believe we could prevent this from happening is if matthew gray gubler were given an elixir to make him immortal, so he could continue teaching people to cobra scorpion bad taste in the face.