Photobucket guys this rainbow cannot even articulate just how victorious and scared i felt in this moment really. just, not even.

A very special thanks to Hannah and Brigitte who are just truly awesome friends for getting me tix to see the Born Ruffians. It was an A+ night which more or else entailed extreme violations of personal bubbles, sweaty sing-a-longs, beautiful beautiful people, stage diving, icecreams, a bit/lot of (failed) fangirl stalking (for good measure) and finally getting back to Hannah's and chatting cheese and trash for the better part of the morn. Also, Luke, Steve and Mitch are A+ dudes and if you ever get a chance to see them do their thang, do! And when you do, send me a bouquet of lillies k?

p.s. hope you guys having a wonderful life- patting bunnies and whatnot- and that your vocal chords are in good health:)

p.p.s. just as I thought I heard gunshots my brother (who I thought was asleep) began laughing. Demonic, eh?