Doggy Kibble


Has anyone ever realised how incredibly intimidiating the game 'marco polo' is? I've come to the conclusion this game was originally a form of cult/fraternity initiation or cheap entertainment in the Ganges. Think about it. You're blindfolded and then made to wade around like a desperate, unsuccessful mugger or something whilst people throw eggs and shout obscenities like "hey Bessie". When you finally manage to capture someone you have to touch their face and dear god you hope it's not the lake monster or Jonathan Rhys Meyers (like in your nightmares) although you know this is moderately unlikely; you guess these names anyway and are wrong and the tormenting cycle continues.

...other than this, there isn't much else to complain about. I hope your days have been as sunny and delicious and um, inspiring, as spring holidays, frozen sara-lees, bike rides, swishy-haired people, this song and this song and disposable cameras. Oakey-doakey and happy Tuesday my loves.

p.s. has everyone bitter moved to tumblr and if not, drop me a line please:)