My cousin is currently going through that "indie or bust" musical phase that *1/10 of teens go through. So far, it's been really nice- people can now walk into her room without having a black man demanding they shake their junk and spank a ho. I'm just dreading the part where she becomes slightly pretentious about it, condemning anyone that takes delight in the top forty to hell and throwing the words "sell out" around like it's a freakin' rent-paying duty! I say all this from experience because I was one of these kids in Year 8, the worst type too: disowning bands after hearing their music in a department store's pet food aisle as quickly as I found them on page 100 of MySpace music.

Admitting it always makes me feel a bit douchey. I mean, if you truly loved an artist you'd take delight in their music whether it be in your den or in the company of thousands in a sweaty stadium, now wouldn't you? And if a song voluntarily makes you gyrate and shout "honey got a booty like pow pow pow" to the digression of your musical purist friends then so be it! -the only crime here would be your popping and locking. Restricting yourself to unsigned bands is like eating at the same restaurant for the rest of your life and being that person who everyone thinks is introspective but is really just arrogant and bored with everything, like Kristen Stewart, y'know? Wow that analogy died a little bit. Anyway, just go out and love what you love for no other reason than the fact that it makes you happy is alls I'm saying...