CALLING UPON THE SUPER DUPER PEOPLE OF CYBERSPACE -know of any amazingly outlandish photos you could see gracing the likes of Dazed and Confused or Pop or iD magazine? It has to be good quality though, something I could stretch or shrink and not have look mutant on an A4 sheet of paper. Also, it'd be wonderful if no human junk was jangling or gyrating- this is a school project soooo people of around 70 would be moderating it and I'd rather not give them a heart attack. If you could send some links or whatever my way that'd be highly appreciated. Very, highly appreciated oh yes.

Please and thank you. Here's some cool music for you loverlies:

Oh, extra points if anyone can find anything editorial-like concerning Dia del los Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead festival). Seriously, I will immortalize your goodness in a song.

Yep, I'm going now.