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This is Hideaki Akaiwa.

...When the Tsunami hit his home town of Ishinomaki, Hideaki was at work. Realising his wife was trapped in their home, he ignored the advice of professionals, who told him to wait for the army to arrive to provide search and rescue.

Instead he found some scuba gear, jumped in the raging torrent - dodging cars, houses and other debris being dragged around by the powerful current, any of which could have killed him instantly - and navigated the now submerged streets in pitch dark, freezing water until he found his house. Swimming inside, he discovered his wife alive on the upper level with only a small amount of breathing room, and sharing his resperator, pulled her out to safety. If he had waited for the army, his wife of 20 years would be dead.

Oh, and if that’s not enough badassery for one lifetime, Hideaki realised his mother was also unaccounted for, so jumped back in the water and managed to save her life also. Since then Hideaki enters the water everyday on a one man search and rescue mission, saving countless lives and proving that two natural disasters in a single day, and insurmountable odds can’t stand in the way of love.
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....dear god, this is too awesome.

aww shucks


I recently got awarded by the loverly Tegan from Tegan On Toast with the Versatile Blogger Award. Part of the award is to share 7 facts about one self then share some love and pass it on. I would like to pass some lovin to:

Ella, Hila, Gabbi, Michelle and Enia because they are A+ human beings.

Oakey-doakey then:

1. I despise birds, particularly chickens; they are beautiful in theory but demonic when they are near me.

2. I've lost both of my canine teeth twice and thus, people call me Sharkinator.

3. Along with being called Sharkinator, people also dub me 'The Nasal Anomaly' cos I've never experienced a nose bleed.

4. The first song I ever learnt to play on guitar was Cardigan Weather by Meg and Dia.

5. I wake up at 5.30am, most days, but still manage to be late for school 90% of the time and it's not something I'm proud of but it's just gotten to the point where I'm in sheer amazement of my incredible ineptitude. Y'know bro?

6. These are my subjects in order of preferance: art, classical studies, psychology, english studies.

7. In my ideal world, five minutes in each person's day will be lived out in sing-song.

...I hope that you guys are feeling beautiful.


a couple reasons why having not seen this movie is eating away at my innards:

1. it's directed by Richard Ayoade/Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd. ofdihgos.
2. Craig Roberts stars in it and MY GOODNESS, is his accent and awkwardness utterly adorable.
3. Alex Turner wrote the tunes for it sooo eargasms are a given.

4. fangirlisms aside, it is an ENGLISH coming-of-age story which, by the looks of the trailer, will be absolutely beautiful. getting Rushmore vibes...

that's all. hope you guys have a swonderful weekend:)

to make young folks cry

You can either believe me when I say that I've been quite busy with the cliche year 12 student stuff OR you can just assume that I've actually been taking sky diving lessons with the cast of Pushing Daisies. Your choice. Anywho, I'm going to start ranting right now....


SO these gorgeous, pixelated screenshots are from The Thief and The Cobbler. When I was about 5 years of age I remember watching this film at my grandma's house and being totally blow away by it, thinking "WOW, this has got to be one of the best things ever seen and I will not shut up about it even though nobody else even cares". After 7 or so years having not seen it though, looking it up on YouTube, finally getting clued up about its history and watching 'recobbled cuts' of this film (phew), I now realise it is one of the greatest failed masterpieces of all time.

Apparently Richard Williams, the same genius behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, spent approximately 30 years developing this movie. Inspired by Middle-Eastern art, he envisioned this film to be ground breaking- something you could hold up to Shakespeare, Westwood or Dali. Sadly, money, time, accessilibility and the fact that the movie would be competing with Aladdin (petty things, y'know) got Williams taken off the job. It was then shipped off and butchered by Fred Calvert and The Completion Bond Company. Amongst the barrage of half-arsed animation, there are salvages of pure artistry such as the chase between Tack and The Thief through the Escher-esque palace grounds and the glimpses of One Eye's war machine, which bring to realisation what this movie could have been.

To date, there are hundreds of cinephiles and animators worldwide making countless efforts to restore The Thief and the Cobbler to it's true form. Whilst I still consider the movie a massive part of my childhood and, well, like it, the fact that it could have really just kills me. Go watch it guys so we can be angry and share our utter contempt over cheesecake or something.

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