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public service announcement

yo jesus it's your birthday
we gonna party like it's your birthday
we gonna sip barcadi like it's your birthday
and you know...

I hope you guys all have a merry licious Christmas and get everything your heart is aching over:)

top 5

Top 5s are a thing I do now. Not because I read High Fidelity or anything. Well, maybe a little because I read High Fidelity. ANYWHO, this very first list is entitled 5 Beautiful Gentlemen Who I Cyberstalk and Create Lists About Whenever I Have 30 Minutes, or so, Lying Around.



Sometimes I think/hope Abby and Ilana have stalked me and made a 3minute short of my life. In any case, you should really get these girls into yours. Hmmm... and by 'yours' I meant 'your life' but I suppose the word following yours could be anything ;) Anyway, if you hate fun then you probably won't like Broad City is all.

my love

lovely works by St├ęphane Massa-Bidal. Blink twice if you like her or you know, click here.

Dear internet,
you are great. Keep on keeping on- especially you, Wikipedia. Regardless of the fact that people may slightly despise you and I've seen that 30 Rock episode where Jenna nearly ate a cat due to a misleading Wiki-page, I think you are really just the ultimate source for information. And don't worry, the people that don't trust you, don't trust mankind and they probably are not too fun to be around.



via Oh Mandie @ Flickr

hummingbird- born ruffians

a) survive a camping trip.
b) fly a kite.
c) be pro at sewing.
d) watch 15+ new movies.
e) read 5+ new books.
f) learn french with hannah and be hot.
g) finish holiday homework bleh.
h) convince dad to paint the shed blue.
i) paint the shed blue.
j) cut my hair.
k) make a ridiculous art-house film.
l) buy a legit pencil case.
m) raise tadpoles.
n) go to a drive in.
o) eat lotsa frozen yoghurt.
p) learn more songs on the ukulele.
q) finish Banjo Kazooie.
r) draw something/anything everyday.
s) use up 4 rolls of film.
t) hi-five everyone i talk to.
u) learn to juggle.
v) write to Hobbs, Sarah and Carter.
w) be an okay person, ya'know...
x) wear a cape like a BAMF.
y) go to the zoo.
z) get (temp) tatts and eat kids.
z) walk round town with my own b/g music.
z) AND wear sunscreen always.

How have you all been? Oh, and to those in Australia, how weird has the weather been?!!

if anything is yours and you want it taken down please drop me a line here:



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